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37053 Cerea, Verona
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Fax n.d.
Furniture Makers


We have been a company that has been operating since 1980 with a contracted service for sawing and steaming wooden logs. We carry out the processing on any essence and type of wood. We also carry out sawing with the possible supply of boards or logs of fine wood, such as: Ebony Walnut Chestnut root Olive root Rosewood Walnut Rigatino Wood De Rose Violet Olive Rigatino Carob Almond Canaletto Oak boxwood Plastering And more This material is ready in stock with a thickness of 37/10! Our sawing plant can cut logs with a maximum diameter of mt. 1 for a total length of mt. 8. Our briar is suitable for the restoration of 18th and 19th century style furniture.