The Verona Furniture District



A story that has its roots in the 16th century and branches off into the territory of the district, joining the centre of Verona, where wood meets sacred art, to the plains of Verona, Rovigo and Padua , where art becomes practical daily and artisanal.

Becomes “bottega”, an expression par excellence of ‘made in Italy’ that, in the case of furniture, blends the love of beauty to authenticity, the passion for detail to family values.


The “Furniture of Verona” is not classic or modern, it is not a simple reproduction of a style.

It is the tale of history and emotions, of creative people and their desire to express themselves by working with wood.

This is why “the Furniture of Verona” represents the expressive richness and the cultural charm of an identity that comes from infinite differences, from endless family stories, from different ways of leaving your own imprint on wood.

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium is a project that brings together the entrepreneurs of the wood/furniture industry of the Verona Furniture district for the re-launch of its typical production and the creation of a territorial brand.

Villa Medici, Grigolli, Bresciani
37053 Cerea (VR)

Lunedì/mercoledì/venerdì dalle 9 alle 13: +39 0442 75 26 83

Consorzio di Tutela del Mobile di Verona | Numero REA VR - 424412 | Codice Fiscale 04485160230

Main sponsor

Project financed with the POC of the Veneto Region 2014-2020

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