Project Lignum



“Lignum. The Furniture of Verona “is a working group made up of over fifty of the main entrepreneurs in the wood-furniture sector of the territories of Verona, Padua and Rovigo inside the Verona Furniture District.

After a course of meetings that lasted almost two years, the group decided to give legal shape to the project, under the name of the Furniture Protection Consortium, obtaining the prestigious recognition as the managing body of the entire furniture district from the Veneto Region.


Today Lignum promotes initiatives for the revival of furniture, through a direct voting assembly that meets monthly and a board in office for two years, all decided on the basis of an ethical code characterized by absolute transparency.

The mission of the group: “Relaunching the furniture of Verona, and the traditions of wood, enhancing the different skills of the territory. Creating synergy and a spirit of sharing among the participating companies”.


To create a territorial brand linked to the name of Verona, an internationally famous city, to increase the visibility of the entire sector and include furniture in the excellent products of Verona.

“Verona, its lands and its products … territories of furniture and other excellent products” will be the heart of a project aimed at linking the furniture world with the enhancement of the territory.


To break with the culture of divisions, with the idea of the neighbour as the worst competitor to create a system economy, where different companies and brands, cooperate to promote the relaunch of the entire sector.

A relaunch that must be communicative, managerial, technological, involving important training paths.