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It was 1976 when Carlo Scandola, instead of relocating his production activity on the plains for greater logistical ease, sensed that it is there in the mountains, where his people live, who can teach and find that professionalism linked to the knowledge of tradition. He therefore chooses to develop his company in Bosco Chiesanuova, in the Lessini mountains, Verona, at an altitude of 1100 meters. His is a bold but far-sighted choice, so that his country does not have to empty itself, but is able to keep within itself the healthiest and most vigorous forces. The furniture of the Scandola collections are made of solid wood. Wood is a noble, ancient and always living material that allows you to express the strength and beauty of nature in the furnishings. We research and select only the best woods from selected forests. We favor the origin of our raw materials from areas that are respectful of man and the environment; an ethically responsible origin from crops that do not affect the forest heritage, but rather increase its availability. For the painting we use totally non-toxic water based products. Thus our furniture - FREE OF ANY HARMFUL AND 100% NATURAL EMISSIONS - become furnishing elements that emanate a warmth, a special scent, that of wood in its entirety, giving those who buy them the pleasure of staying in touch with the vitality of nature.

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium is a project that brings together the entrepreneurs of the wood/furniture industry of the Verona Furniture district for the re-launch of its typical production and the creation of a territorial brand.

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