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The project The spirit of our collection has always been to create products that are distinguished by originality and creativity of the design, using the highest quality materials and techniques. We continue to develop and manufacture chairs and furnishing accessories born from the intuitions and fantasies of the architect Vito, the surveyor Giorgio and the precious teachings of the founder Rigo, made concrete by the craftsmanship that enriches our company. Our line stimulates the curiosity of a refined and nonconformist public, which identifies with the furnishings that populate everyday life. Production Our production is 100% entrusted to skilled Italian artisan hands, which allow us to guarantee and meet the highest standards, achieved also thanks to the use of quality materials. Craftsmanship and originality are undoubtedly our strengths. Furthermore, the ability to mix styles, fabrics, finishes, makes Pernechele Rigo a company capable of creating furniture for any type of environment, while the mastery of carvings, creativity and experimentation are mixed to create unique products. In fact, Pernechele Rigo srl produces wooden chairs and furniture with multiple variations, materials and colors, for infinite furnishing possibilities. Finishes Our ability to customize the product pushes the company every day to a continuous search for the most popular materials and styles. The design value of the furniture we create is enriched through the choice of fabrics, leathers, finishes and processes that make our products unique, always adaptable to the needs and tastes of the customer. We put our experience and creativity into the choice of materials and colors every day and that is why we create refined solutions where taste and elegance always blend. Talent, imagination and accuracy in the choice of finishes accompany each phase of the realization of our product, and create that final touch that makes it excellent.