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DUEGI CARPENTRY: carpenters for passion

Wood, an innate attraction for this material, prompted us, after years of experience in the sector, to give birth to this company, as a complete expression of our passion for it. Born in Bosco Chiesanuova in 1993 under individual management and became a company a little later, it has maintained unchanged over time the same philosophy that has led us to touch this material since we were children and treat it with respect. Being a carpenter is an ancient craft where every day there is something to learn, made of waiting, patience and commitment, you need to know how to smell, listen, touch, see and respect. We are an artisan carpentry. We are "La Bottega degli Artigiani Verdi – The workshop of the Green Artisans". We are a “green” production reality attentive to the surrounding environment. We use wood from sustainable forests, we do not emit volatile pollutants because we do not use toxic chemicals and, moreover, we reuse processing waste. We mainly produce non-toxic and natural solid wood products. We design and manufacture interior and exterior furnishings, furniture, doors, windows, shops, bars, etc. Today our joinery is technologically advanced, with new, safe and low energy consumption equipment; in constant search of new materials in full respect of the environment, nature and the life forms connected to it; linked to a knowledge handed down by those who preceded us and in this way, being able to transmit to the product that peculiarity that always makes it a unique piece; able to studying customized solutions for every protective, housing and qualitative need, and being in constant evolution with the specific needs of each person who with us decides to make a piece of the road together, and have with us a product. The Duegi Laboratory is the place where ideas take shape. It is the place where every creative project is realized in a sartorial way. Everything is done by hand, by people, for people. The quality is smelled and its scent smells of forest and nature. In our laboratory we see the birth of big smiles that blossom when ideas become tangible and feasible projects.