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The CDM SYSTEMS project was born from the union of three partners with twenty years of experience in the field of aspiration, air purification and mechanical carpentry. CDM SYSTEMS is a young, dynamic and flexible company that proposes itself on the national market with cutting-edge technological products aimed at the perfect solution to the customer's needs. We are able to solve any filtration problem (fumes, odors, exhaust gases, dust, shavings, vapors, oil mists, etc.) by supplying and creating customized systems through: - Inspections and visits with specific measurement without obligation; - Consultancy on the feasibility and regulations of the various plants; - Design and construction of all types of systems. - We carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on all installed systems Our plant engineering is specialized and aimed above all for sectors such as tanning, timber, turning and mechanics in general, catering, plastic processing, etc. We specialize in the study and construction of filter units, components and air purification systems. We supply a wide range of mechanical carpentry products such as pipes, bends, deviations, section changes, cones, expulsions, shutters, hoods, collars and monocollars, etc. made both in galvanized sheet metal and in stainless steel.