Via Pioppazza 34A
37050 Bonavicina, Verona
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Fax n.a.
Furniture Makers


Founded in 1991, the company has specialized in the production of tables, coffee tables, desks and semi-finished products for furniture, made to order and to the design of the customer and in recent years on their own account through the collaboration of architect Alfonso Arosio. We produce everything in house with a wide range of woods, both in solid wood and in wood (walnut, oak, ash, walnut, cherry, beech, toulipier, spruce, ...)

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium is a project that brings together the entrepreneurs of the wood/furniture industry of the Verona Furniture district for the re-launch of its typical production and the creation of a territorial brand.

Piazza Donatori di Sangue 13

37053 Cerea (VR)

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