Via Del Ciclamino, 28
37051 Bovolone, Verona
Tel. +39 392 470 0813
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New System Speakers is a company specialized in design and construction of speakers. The company was born in the professional audio sector and it integrated a department dedicated to the High-end sector, implementing the most advanced technologies in the market and using premium quality components. The company provides the customer with the maximum customization of the products; from the color to the type of materials used in order to create unique speakers. Thanks to this we are able to guide the customer to choose the right product, in fact, New System Speakers doesn’t sell only speakers, but what you can do with them. Professionalism, skills and passion allowed to achieve acoustic and aesthetic results at the highest levels. Sustainability is the basis of the production system of our company. The construction method is based on the life cycle and the materials we use have the least possible impact on the environment, ensuring high quality products.