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Customized Furniture Companies


MYWOOD is a furniture company that has been making bespoke furniture for hotels and luxury villas, prestigious brand stores, yachts and super yachts since 2009. What characterizes Mywood is knowing how to choose the materials and construction solutions that combine aesthetics, performance and cost optimization, ranging from made-to-measure windows and doors (windows, shutters, armored doors and doors) to complete furnishings, up to solutions on the overall image of the architectural space. The know-how of the company, which begins with the experience of the ancient carpentry of the Salin family, allows Mywood to enthusiastically face the challenges that arise from time to time by working with internationally renowned architects, to create refined products and innovative. Mywood encompasses a series of structured skills, starting from the executive design in 3D, where each component is designed with the real dimensions and thicknesses, from the screws to the thickness of the paint. In this way it is possible to have production under control, and above all it is no longer necessary to pre-assemble it in the rough and after the painting phase as each part has already been perfectly calibrated on the project. Mywood has internal departments for cutting and CNC processing, automatic plating and veneering, edging, metal carpentry with S / S processing, brass, copper, liquid painting, powders, polyester, automatic warehouse and quality control department on paints and finished products. The CNC machines communicate directly with the system and do not need to be programmed by the operator. Everything is finally assembled in the factory, packaged and shipped with an optical labeling and tracking system, as well as assembly kits and foolproof instructions. The software also communicate remotely with the machines of the partners for the processing of marble, glass, special elements. With this system it was possible to reduce production and installation times and control very high levels of quality, since every detail, even the smallest, is studied - and designed - on a project basis.