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Mobilsedia 2000 was founded in 2001 from an idea of some veronese entrepreneurs who came together to try to promote upholstered items such as Chairs, Tables, Armchairs, Sofas, Benches and Footrests in classic and contemporary styles. Our challenge is to redesign the history of furnishing with style and elegance, with innovative ideas that take into account the needs of those who experience their home, their office, their history, with passion and enthusiasm. Each of our models is made with care and love and the ability to mix styles, fabrics and finishes makes us a company able to create unique products for every type of environment. The upholstery, made by hand, is synonymous with care and attention to the result. It introduces a unique taste, not forgetting the particularity of the work of the past, with the inclusion of trimmings and fringes that guarantee elegance and communicate beauty and value. Producing in Verona is, besides being a way of being, also a great opportunity to carry on a knowledge that for many years has been part of our territory and for this reason we have a lot to offer, with different styles, but always maintaining our easily recognizable identity. attention to customers is certainly vital for us and their opinions are a stimulus for growth. The goal is to create a synergy between us and the customer to carry out a common project made of experience in a sector, such as furniture, where seriousness and reliability are required.