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Mobil House was founded in 1984 on the basis of a project and a series of values that are still active and strongly promoted. We are a family business, close to people and their specific needs. But at the same time we are looking towards the future and capable of working on a large scale in a professional and well-tested way. We have gained many years of experience in the control of the product from its initial production (untreated furniture) to packaging and shipping, working in the field of small furnishing accessories but also offering complete and coordinated solutions for the dining room and for the livingroom. We develop unique collections, marked by attention to design and quality, which you can see and learn about by browsing our website. Our mission is not limited to the marketing of our products, but leads us to invest in a fundamental value: customer satisfaction! Our vision coincides with our desire to expand our market areas, giving life to solid business partnerships that can support those already deeply rooted, which have seen us as protagonists on the European and Asian markets.