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37063 Tarmassia, Verona
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Furniture Makers


A family history that, from generation to generation, has led us to increase our preparation and specialization in the field of materials and products. Today, our workshop represents a point of excellence in the processing of all types of panelling (laminated and laminated panel, MDF and multilayer). Our production allows us to realize semi-finished products with precision, but also mass produced or "made-to-measure" furnishings. Among the main processes we guarantee great professionalism in cutting, edging and using numerical control. The use of innovative and complementary materials compared to wood makes us partners for furniture companies that want to focus on modern collections. Actually the modern style is the area in which we are more active, also creating furniture for offices and work environments. Thanks to our experience we are able to collaborate with companies to offer our services on behalf of third parties or with design studios.