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Fifty years of dedication to the processing of classic, contemporary and modern furniture. A goal achieved through study, constancy and renewal, maintaining a deep connection with the tradition of classic furniture and a projection towards the future. Marconcini Stile is an Italian company founded on solid roots, still in constant evolution, reaching out to the tastes and needs of the new market, which has opened up in countries all over the world. A journey of transformation that has given rise to precious relationships of trust with our customers and with the generational change, an important way of working, of successes and satisfaction. Made in Italy is still recognized and appreciated for its care, for its style, its elegance and its refinement. An identity that combines the tradition of classic furniture with the evolution of contemporary taste, characterized by meticulous attention to furnishing solutions and the constant relationship of trust with the customer. Founded in 1964 by the brothers Antonio Enzo and Adriano in Casaleone, in the heart of the Verona plain, the company Marconcini Stile s.r.l. still continues its activity today thanks to the passion inherited from the manual work of the old art workshops transformed today into modern business methods.

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium

The Verona Furniture Protection Consortium is a project that brings together the entrepreneurs of the wood/furniture industry of the Verona Furniture district for the re-launch of its typical production and the creation of a territorial brand.

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