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The origins of date back to the distant post-war period when Francesco Cavaler, founder owner, driven by a passion for wood, worked in the workshops of the first master carpenters, demonstrating tenacity and great skill in reproducing period and style furniture. Subsequently, in the fifties, he began the production of furniture and furnishings with his family, to then undertake and carry out his own project. Thus was born the current AR.VE furniture factory (literally Veneto Artisan) still today located in its historical headquarters, with a large showroom on three floors where it is possible to admire our production. Today the brand, passing into the hands of the children, has been renewed, and has given rise to ARVESTYLE a new way of combining the poor origins of wood with the modernity of design that distinguishes us. From the simplest to the most particular lines, we take care of transforming every single piece of wood into something that will accompany you forever.