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The remarkable knowledge of wood as a living material, the careful choice of precious essences, the centuries-old mastery of craftsmanship, the continuous search for shapes are all elements that have materialized in the success of MAV. The Mav group, born from the experience of the master cabinetmakers of the Cazzola family, has created a new brand "Amelia Home", a brand dedicated to translating the beauty of Made in Italy into fresh, dynamic furnishings with a contemporary and modern taste. The craftsmanship of the Cazzola family is characterized by the care and attention to detail, the hand-carved wooden decorations, the finishes and patinations embellished with refined elements and decorations in gold and silver leaf. Key features that are obtained with careful research and design. Our "design office" and our "technical office" are available to our customers daily to examine their ideas, elaborate them and immerse them in our world. Because designing means making an idea exclusively unique. From an idea you can get to a project, from a project you get to an Amelia Home environment.